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Hotmedia Animation is configured to scroll when you put your mouse on the image and press the left button.  Moving the mouse left and right will scroll you frame by frame through the animation.  Moving the mouse while pressing the right button will allow you to zoom in and out.  Try it, you’ll like it!

Sequence 17 is a response specifically directed against the outside in slash/stab. As was mentioned earlier, generally the techniques effective against the overhand thrust, are effective against the outside in slash/stab. However, one of the more interesting techniques is the simultaneous high block, and attack to the opponent's windpipe and right knee. Not evident in the photos is that the counter to opponent's throat is a driving thrust to his windpipe (careful, this can cause serious injury). The added insurance is the heel attack (This kick is common in Hap Ki Do, but rare in other styles. Most commonly, it is used to attack the hamstring muscles from the outside.) to the pressure point just above the interior right knee. One need only experiment with this pressure point using a few light "taps" to appreciate its full significance.

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