Example Injury Waiver

 Figure #2: an Example of an Injury Waiver

Applicant affirms that he/she is in good health and is aware that all activities, especially those with regard to actual physical training in the martial arts, are entirely voluntary, and any member can at any time elect not to partake in any activity which he/she feels may involve some element of risk or discomfort to his/her person. Accordingly, the applicant accepts all conditions of membership (including those which you, as instructor, may have incorporated elsewhere in the application forms) and agrees to hold the organization, its affiliated schools (your name can be inserted here) and all other instructors and members harmless from liability for damages for any injuries, including but not limited to death and disability (initial here ), arising from any of the activities of the organization. Applicant further understands that any treatment for injuries sustained will be of a first aid type only given with applicant’s permission, and understanding the provider may not be a trained medical person.

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