Mars Smiles at Our Folly

          Conflict is the realm of Mars

          Witnessing your own decapitation
          Abu Ghraib
          Urinating on bodies
          Desecrating the dead
          Necklaces of skulls
          Buildings falling as wingless angels drop like shadows to the ground
          Remnants of who once were friends
          Robbing from Peter to pay Paul then relegating to dust
          Paying demons to be our friends
          laying in beds lined with money and influence
          I bet you those guys had a bad day
          Domination turns to abomination
          Souls of innocents turning to vapor in the teeth of evil
          Sacred words burnt by “accident” or declared “fake”.

          Whether disguised as Islam, Judaism, Christianity, or cloaked as the gods of freedom, liberty, democracy or tyranny, Mars destroys that which is most important, and which he most disdains ...
          our underlying humanity.

          Witness it there, witness it here, witness it everywhere

          Mars smiles as his children play. He does his dance, we pay his band.

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