Fundamentals of Self Defense #3

Here we continue showing how we develop our self defense skills from the ground up.  This picks up from where we left off in section two and shows how techniques already learned, become the foundation for what ultimately becomes a personalized system of self defense strategies and responses.

Again, these are the basics that most folks overlook, or try to circumvent.  There are no short cuts!

These clips are for entertainment and general informational purposes only.  Actual self defense should be practiced in a controlled environment emphasizing safety, and only under the direct supervision of a Black Belt instructor, and only after you have been cleared by your personal physician.

Two Hand Grab to Chest


Four Corners Throw


Four Corners Throw with Chair


Belt Grab #1


Belt Grab #2


Rear Collar Grab (1 hand)


Rear Collar Grab (2 hands)


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