Secrets of Hap Ki Do

Secrets of Hap Ki Do --- Video File

These files provide video portrayals for each of the principles presented in the article (click here to view article).   Once started, each will run through the described technique, then stop. If you want to see it again, press the play button.   We are now using the Windows *.wmv format, which is a larger file, but much higher quality.  That format requires Windows Media Play 7, or better, which comes with Windows Millenium (and later versions), or for free if you download it from the Microsoft web site.

Video Clip #1 --- Principle of Non-Resistance

The Principle of Non-Resistance is as simple as escaping from a choke by stepping back with your left foot. At the conclusion, your opponents vital facial targets will open up to counter.  

Windows Media (.wmv)

Non Resistance


Video Clip #2 --- Circular Principle

Employing "circular" energy, defender flows away from the incoming punch, cups his right hand around opponents neck, and drives the attacker into the ground. In its most extreme form, this technique transforms into a hip through, with the attacker literally being catapulted over defenders right hip.

Windows Media (.wmv)

Circular Principle


Video Clip #3 --- Water Principle

Defender "accepts" the attack, then systematically erodes attacker's power and stance. Note how defenders initial placement of his right foot ultimately sets up the sequence to follow. The hand positions are categorized as mantis techniques by some styles, tiger techniques by others. It's all the same in the end. The legs are locked, the hands destroy the upper body balance, the opponent drops to the ground.

Windows Media (.wmv)

Water Principle


Video Clip #4---Combined Techniques

All Together

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