Standard #3

Like the “abc” Kata, Standard #3 is an improvisational form.  Unlike the “abc” Kata, the direction of next movement is governed by a pattern.  In effect, the “abc” form forces the student to develop fluid motion and continuity in executing complex strings of techniques.  Standard #3 puts the newly developed continuity into the agenda of an actual fight.

The student is free to improvise the technique of his or her choice.  However, the framework of movement is the Takiyoku “H” pattern.  In effect, the student must now reconcile improvised movement with attacks coming from specific directions, unfolding in the same sequential order as they do in the Takiyoku forms.  The effect closely parallels realty.  Eye movement enters the dynamic, and requires the defender position for the next attacker as he/she finishes the one at hand.

Overview and Demo


Standards Punching/Kicking (With History)


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