Takiyoku Shodan

Takiyoku Shodan is Funakoshi’s quintessential Kata.  When someone performs this form, the skilled observer immediately recognizes their weaknesses.  Within the simple framework of Takiyoku Shodan, there is simply no place to hide your flaws.  Quirks in balance, timing, and movement will scream out for your teacher’s immediate response.  This form, created by Gichen Funakoshi, was named “first cause” (sometimes interpreted as “Kata of the Universe”), leaving no doubt as to its significance for Funakoshi.

This is where we take students when its time for them to learn eye movement.  Takiyoku Shodan is the” “Bible” of eye movement.  Block, punch, then scan...over and over, throughout the form, until it becomes second nature.  Combine that with rock solid stance and lightning forward movement, and your show is ready for the road. 

This is Karate’s drinking water, the snake with no legs, the empty mirror.

Sequence of Movement & Demos



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