Archie at 73 - Part II

Archie at 73 - Mind Over Matter; Getting Inside Kicks


Archie at 73 - Grasshopper


Archie at 73 - Feeling, The Bee, Five Fingers, Panther


Archie at 73 - Power, Locks and Controls


A Glimpse at the Original “Camp”


A Comment from our good friend, Master Charles Wilk ...

Hi Bill,

I just finished watching the Archie Camp footage.  I filmed this years ago.  Listen to the voice on the narration.  Thats me.  The young man assisting Archie is my good friend Robert Brown. He was the very first person to get a Black Sash from me.  He was also recognized by Archie.

I can't believe you found this.  There should be some other clips of Archie doing forms and demonstrating some kicking techniques on Robert.

Once again, you have saved a big part of my childhood and some great video of our teacher. 



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