7 Stars - A Chi Kung Sequence

At some stage, Chi Kung exercises should become an inherent part of your training.

Speed, power, hard falls, impact, knocks and twists train the bio-mechanical engine, and integrate discipline into your psyche.

Much harder to master, and taking much longer, is deep balance, and being able to move freely once this balance is established within.

The starting point is Chi Kung. There are many places to take it from there.  Responding to your requests, I am demonstrating Seven Stars, one of many Chi Kung sequences which are incorporated into our practice of Gun Fu.  The first two videos demonstrate the sequence as it is normally practiced.  The next three videos provide the details and the focal points of each section.

Just so you know, Seven Stars is what we call it.  Originally it had no name.  It was simply one of many sequences deemed to have benefit and value.  We liked this name because there are seven sections in the sequence, and it resonated well with traditional oriental portrayals of the Seven Stars as markers in the sky (The Big Dipper), in the body (The Chakras), and in the manifestation of all light(RedOrangeYellowGreenBlueIndigoViolet), etc.  It just seemed right!

A complete outline of this sequence with some additional notes and descriptions can be viewed/downloaded here.

Seven Stars #1 - Demo Part One


Seven Stars #2 - Demo Part Two


Seven Stars #3 - The Details Part One


Seven Stars #4 - The Details Part Two


Seven Stars #5 - The Details Concluded



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