Demonstrations #3

We apologize for the poor quality of the video(s) on this page.  These have been extracted from dated archives which were degraded and of poor quality.  Currently, these are the best available images.  We share them in that spirit, believing it better to show what we have available than to permanently delete the page.

Open Attack Defenses

25. React and defend against hand attacks:

Strike Against Lunge Punch

Break Against Lunge Punch

Throw Against Lunge Punch

Opposite Hand #1

Opposite Hand #2

Backfist Attack

Multiple Punches (Intro)

Multiple Punches (Part2)
lunge punch
opposite hand punch
backfist attack
multiple punch attack

26. React and defend against attacks with weapons: 

Stick Attacks

Knife Attacks

Bo Attacks

Sword Attacks
stick attacks
knife attacks
bo attacks
sword attacks
pistol defenses

27. React and defend against foot attacks:  

Front Kick

Side Kick

Face (Roundhouse) Kick

Hook Kick

Round Kick
front kick
side kick
face kick
hook kick
round kick

28. Ground defenses:

Ground Defenses

29. Ground control techniques:

Ground Control

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