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“Warner Williams”

UPDATE 11/18/23

At the moment, our plans for continuing into the coming year remain uncertain.  As you know, post-COVID changes in the Tacoma Library’s scheduling policies have severely limited our options for maintaining a fixed location with a confirmed schedule.  Coming back from COVID this past year, we managed to gather nearly twice monthly by juggling venues and running schedules on relatively short leads. 

This brought many pleasant surprises, some delightful new venues, and opportunities for new folks to join in, or just listen.  Our outreach into the local community expanded dramatically.  But there was a downside.  Complexities in scheduling, and chasing down venues have been punishing, demanding many hours of personal time each month.  I miss the days when Melissa Fitzgerald and I could work out the entire annual schedule over the course of several communications each May.  Where once we locked in an annual schedule at a fixed location with a functional PA system, that is no longer possible.

So, for the moment, our future plans are in limbo and will likely remain so until better options can be found.  I remain eternally grateful to those who regularly participated and contributed  throughout the course of our ten year run.  You know who you are.  It would have been impossible without you.


Participants must be fully vaccinated.  No active symptoms, and no recent exposures.  Honor system on these matters.

We abide by the venue's policy regarding masks, whatever the policy is on the day of the jam.  You should have a mask with you just in case.  Venues will have adequate space for social distancing, if you have that concern.

In the past, if PA is available, we set up two floor microphones as a matter of routine.  We intend to continue with that practice.  With COVID still around, you may have thoughts or preferences.  If so, let me know.

Because we can not lock-in spaces, there is no longer an annual schedule.  Confirmed dates will be announced by email five days in advance of the event.  To keep  informed, sign up for our email list.

9/23/23 -Parkland/Spanaway Pierce County Library
10/14/23  - Moore Branch Tacoma Library
11/25/23 - Wheelock Branch Tacoma Library
12/16/23 - Wheelock Branch Tacoma Library
1/13/24 - University Place Library

Online Jams

Now we’ve returned to in-person gatherings, our bi-weekly online scheduled sessions are concluded.  It's been an amazing two-plus years of community and sharing.  After a rough start and lots of experimentation, we learned and evolved to where sessions became state-of-the-art and for all practical purposes functioned in real time.  Our server continues to be popular with the tech-savvy musicians, and I often drop in.  So long as there is actifvity, the server will remain up 24/7 for anyone who wishes to use it.  If you want to hook up and work on some ideas, simply send out the invites.  For those interested, this is facilitated using the Jamulus software package, a free download (see link below).  You are encouraged to join in.  For full information on what you need to get going, click the "Onlinejams" tab.ome early, socialize, get set up

The Incidentals

For the online sessions, we are utilizing the Jamulus software package, which is open source and freely available.  Here’s the link:

Our dedicated server is usually identified as “” in case you want to drop in.

We anticipate online jams to be part of our future, so you might as well get on board now.  For more information on what is needed, click here.

Password:  The Blues is the Truth

Password:  “Black Lives Matter”


Any questions, email “Billy” at
(Ignore/delete the Z’s)

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