Frequently Asked Questions

Jerry and John

1.  What type of music should I expect to encounter?

For the most part, you will encounter pretty good music.

The character of music you’ll encounter on any given Saturday depends a lot on the mix of  participants.  Our experience from past years tells us you should expect to hear acoustic blues, some bluegrass, some degree of country and western, perhaps an occasional swing tune, an occasional  Chicago blues, a dash of Gospel, and every once in a while, something like “Sweet Georgia Brown” or “Five Foot Two” will emerge from the closet.  You might also bump into some old time and  jug band  tunes, a sea chanty or two, and an occasional celtic.

In a nutshell, the focus is “American Roots Music.”  The attitude is inclusive and recognizes the  essential informative value of blues, gospel, bluegrass, folk, early country, cajun, zydeco, western swing, celtic, maybe even reggae.  Other stuff, we’ll decide after somebody springs it on us. 

 If you’re a musical purist, and like to concentrate on a singular style or thread to the exclusion of others, you might find our sessions challenging your inclinations.  We’re not about that.  If you like  surprises, and the occasional push into the unknown, chances are you’ll feel like family. 

Spirits Jamming

2.  Are we permitted to record?

 Yes, these are “public” gatherings.  The Blue Muse Roots Jam functions as an incubator, . serving the perpetuation of our unique musical heritage.  Experience has shown that next to participating  directly, the best learning tool is a recording of what took place, and analyzing your contribution to the whole.  Nothing improves your playing as much as self assessment and objective listening.

 Recordings of sessions may be freely distributed, they may not be marketed or sold.

3.  Can we take photographs?

Yes, unless someone present objects.

 Images may be freely distributed so long as this is done in a respectful fashion.  They may not be marketed or sold.

 4.  Can we video the sessions?

Yes, unless someone present objects.

Again, all video recordings of sessions or segments may be freely distributed so long as this is done in  a respectful fashion.  They may not be marketed or sold.

5.  Are there microphones?

Some locations have a PA system on site and a “live” microphone jack.  Usually, some of our friends bring a few  cables, mikes, and stands, but this is not a certainty.  The rooms we use are usually “sound friendly” and the voice carries well.  We encourage learning to sing with a microphone (when available).  That in mind, we make every  effort to have two quality mics on the floor when conditions permit.

Juke Time

“Juke Time”

6.  Do the sessions start on time?

 Generally they do.  You can come early and socialize.  If enough are there, we may even start ahead of  schedule.  I’m usually there at 12:30 pm setting up.  Point is, we’re OK goin’ with the flow.   Oh and  folks will come and go throughout the  afternoon.  It’s fine to come and go to suit your personal schedule and time parameters.  Just make  sure we all know your name before you head out.  Sooner or later we expect to become friends.  Better that it’s sooner, and we work at it.

7.  When do the sessions officially end?

 Ending time is approximately 4:30 pm.  Generally, we spend the last few minutes picking up and packing out.   We like to leave the place just like we found it.

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