Bo Basics Demonstrated

The Bo is a weapon favored by masters, if only because of its delightful "personality".  Even Miyamoto Mushashi, the legendary swordsman, became an adept at Bo.

It is friendly, trustworthy, and patient.  Moreover, it is omnipresent.  Variations can be found in practically every environment.

The Bo tolerates all but the most glaring errors.  As a teacher, it is patient and generous.  When one technique is mastered, the next coalesces into your consciousness in a never ending string of serendipity.  It's like playing with a friend.  As a partner, it is dependable.  Nothing more can be expected from a weapon.  If the same were true of people, mankind would be at peace.

For your enjoyment, I am attaching an overview of the essential first concepts.  First is a demonstration of the basic moves with Bo.  Once mastered, these moves provide a strong foundation for virtually anything you might wish to add into your technique.  Second, I demonstrate some of the basic responses and concepts for facing a Bo empty handed.

These are excerpted from our instructional video
Sticks, Tricks and Useful Bits, which is now out of print, but can still be found on Youtube.

Basic Bo


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