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Thanks for writing.  Though my busy schedule makes it impossible to respond to every e-mail, I do personally read each one, and respond whenever I can do so in a meaningful fashion.

If you are an advertisor, or someone looking to do business, or if you think I might be interested in learning more about your product, don't expect a response.  I am forever receiving junk offers, and propositions, including invitations to join this, or associate with that, etc.  For Pete's sake, I'm an editor.  It's impolite to assume just because an editor likes to be readily available, that it's OK to bombard him/her with garbage, or to put him/her on another silly mailing list.  Don't do it!  You'll get bad karma if you do.

Make sure you tell us a little bit about yourself, your name, your style and teacher(s) and your level of experience, and where you are writing from (City, State or Province, Country), .

Thatís how we get to know one another.

Itís OK for you to link to this site.    As you can tell, we are a low budget operation, and choose not to blast our visitors with non-stop ads and offers.   We survive on donations and the good will of our friends and visitors.  Please remember that when you come across a donation button during your meanderings. 

My email address for contact is (ignore/delete the Zs):

Bill Mc Cabe

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