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DonationsFrom the time early man first formalized study of the fighting arts, there arose the need to pass knowledge to succeeding students.  Those early masters understood there was no purpose served in “re-inventing the wheel” with each generation.  Knowledge gained over a lifetime should be preserved to serve those who follow. 

In our dojo, Kata is the “living mind” of our martial ancestors.  Once I met a master, and shared  a sword form believed to have ancient origins.  On seeing the form he turned to me and said, “Listen carefully, he speaks to us even now.”  

That is how it is, when all else fails, look to Kata for answers to your questions.  But remember, you must seek.  No master will set the kingdom’s jewels where some undeserving novice can pocket them, not appreciating their significance. 

My friends in Isshinryu agonize over combat applications within their forms.  Their labors assume Shimabuku Sensei, and his teachers were highest level masters, and that searching within the forms is the path to complete understanding.  Master George Dillman did the same within the context of his parent style, and redefined use of striking points and pressure point applications in modern combat.

This section of the internet dojo will be dedicated to the presentation of Kata, Forms and Patterns.  Since Kata are dynamic, as well as visual, our format for presentation will be primarily video clips, and not drawings, or photographs.  The problem with video clips and using the various media players over a 56k modem is we have to make sacrifices in the quality of the clip to avoid inordinately long download times.  We prefer the *.wmv format for its consistent high quality and excellent compression.  Some computers, may require a more recent copy of Windows Media Player, which of course can be downloaded for free from the Microsoft web site..

Please...if you like coming, lend your support!  If you benefit from what you find here, show your appreciation with a contribution.  Without your support, we will fail.  Cast your vote for our future with a donation!  WE REALLY NEED YOUR HELP!!!

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