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Hap Ki Do

DonationsWe originally intended to use this site as a video archive, documenting the techniques which characterize Gun Fu, particularly the Iron Crane School. It proved to be a very considerable project, growing far beyond anything we had originally conceived. In this section, we provide a quick and clean glimpse into what can be found in considerably more detail elsewhere within. Just think as though you were peeking through a hole in the fence. Then head into the site and start exploring.

In some cases, the videos shown in this section were the cuts and castaways from more lengthly recordings. We saved them rather than discarding, frankly because they were fun to view when we had nothing better to do.

In some instances, you will find the quality poor. We apologize for that. These were filmed on what would today be considered primitive cameras. Compounding the situation, the archives of originals, and copies of originals, have degraded over time. So, bottom line, we're serving up the best we have available. We think you'd agree this is preferrable to simply letting them disappear.

Apart from videos embedded from our YouTube channel, uploaded clips are in the *.wmv format.  We feel this format provides the best combination of quality and compression, allowing for good viewing at relatively fast download speeds.  You will need Version 7 (or higher) of Windows Media Player to view the *.wmv files.  The videos should be played in a reduced view for better clarity.  You will lose detail if you enlarge them to full screen. 

Finally, I should that over time, we took care to document how our art was influenced by other philosophies and styles (For our detailed lineage, click here). No where is this more evident than in our Kata section (click here to see Kata).  In the words of my buddy Master Don Wasielewski, “We celebrate our differences!”, and look for the value in everything as part of our search for truth.

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