Sticks as Weapons

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 This section of the site is dedicated to stick fighting arts.  We plan to eventually post examples from all the stick arts, ranging from short stick (12”), to middle stick (26-28”), to Bo (6’), and of course, everything related.  Tonfa, though not included in this section, can be found by clicking here

Our inspiration comes from the stick fighting arts of the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand, mixed with the “Jo” arts of Japan, blended with the stick and the Cane concepts of Hap Ki Do.  However the foundation concepts are essentially Filipino, respecting the strong heritage prevalent on  America’s west coast.

These clips are for entertainment and general informational purposes only.  Actual self defense should be practiced in a controlled environment emphasizing safety, and only under the direct supervision of a Black Belt instructor, and only after you have been cleared by your personal physician.


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