Developing Personal Flow

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There will come a time when you’ve achieved a clear understanding of the fundamental movements, and have reached the limits of where bio-mechanical energy can take you.  Some leave the arts at that stage, feeling they reached their limit of growth, and frustrated by apparent inability to push beyond their current plateau. 

When muscles and push don’t take you forward, it’s time to step back and look at the big picture ... starting with “flow”.

1. There exists a core of instinctive movement. For movement to flow, it must emerge from your core of instinctive movement. Analyzing and thinking get in the way and leave you pausing or losing time focusing on extraneous detail.

2. Flow moves like water and goes where unimpeded, sometimes through the smallest cracks or kinks in your opponent's armour, sometimes like a tsunami overwhelming all impediments.

3. It packages effective force and/or technique and avoids the inefficient.

4. It's affect is devastatingly effective and typically overwhelms the opponent's ability to respond.

5. Flow is self-sustaining. It loops contiously, supported by the defender's underlying physical conditioning.

The accompanying modules will point the way for your further exploration.  The rest is up to you!

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