Basic Concepts of Knife Defense

I recently came across an old VHS recording from December 1990.  This was back before video recording devices became universally available.  In those days, I would spend part of each weekend working out concepts with my good friend Master Don Wasielewski.  After the passing of Steve Armstrong, Don become the  spiritual godfather of Isshinryu in the Pacific Northwest, basically working to ensure the Armstrong tradition remained intact and flourished.

He is basically acting as my set up person here ... in effect, we were using his house, his camera, and his person.  His generous spirit speaks for itself.

On this occasion, he pulled his camera out and suggested we film some of the knife defenses I had been sharing with my intermediate students.  There was no cameraman, we basically set the unit up, and turned it on ... it was more of a frolic than anything.

I thought it might be of some entertainment interest to post these.  Knife fighting is fraught with uncertainty, no matter what your skill level.  There is no guarantee of success, and to become proficient, you must practice diligently and frequently, under the guidance of an expert.  Knife defense can be a very demanding mistress.

These concepts are basics ... they are not the endpoint, but they have value.  Try to understand them ... then research ... then practice and experiment in a properly supervised environment.  In time, you will find your own ability to defend beginning to emerge and manifest.

These clips are for informational purposes only.  Actual self defense should be practiced in a controlled environment emphasizing safety, and only under the direct supervision of a Black Belt instructor, and only after you have been cleared by your personal physician.

Basic Knife Defense #1 (Strikes)


Basic Knife Defense #2 (Breaks)


Basic Knife Defense #3 (Throws)


Basic Knife Defense #4 (Against down strike)


Basic Knife Defense #5 (Against reverse grip attack)


Basic Knife Defense #6 (Strategic Concepts)


 Basic Knife Defense #7 (The uncommon)


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